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In a business that is constantly full of changes, budget challenges and time constraints... working with talented people who have an "of course we can make it happen" attitude is essential. Add the ability to make any budget look big and beautiful and you have the lighting/design talents and endearing personality of Victor Fable Lighting... His New York upbringing must have prepared him to be a perfect fit for the entertainment industry. 

We have been in the trenches together. Victor continually has been able to achieve eye catching results and regardless of the situation we always manage to have fun on set. He has been a true pleasure to collaborate with. 


Rik Reinholdtsen  Director

When I have an idea, Victor brings it to life. He  is a ball of creativity, wrapped in knowledge and shrouded in experience – what more could you ask for?  Doing more with less seems to be Victor’s unofficial modus operandi – which helps immeasurably in these budget constrained times.  The most demanding projects is when his talent shows, He jumps in, creates renderings and layouts & figures it all out. Countless times I'm not sure what I would have done without him.

I have found Victor to be a great designer, collaborator and compadre on many jobs. There is no better ally to have in your production foxhole than Victor


Sean Small     Producer

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